Stocks plunge as inflation rises

Stocks plunge as inflation rises 8.3% in August. The major U.S. stocks and index averages opened lower as per government report on the consumer prices showing higher inflation than expected.

The Dow Jones index fell by 374.84 points, or 1.16%, and opened at the 32,006.50.

Dow Jones

The S&P 500 opened lower by 73.29 points, or 1.78%, at 4,037.12

S&P 500

The Nasdaq dropped by 357.60 points, or 2.92%, and opened at 11,908.81.


Although as we know the Fed rate hikes are bringing down the inflation levels, there’s a lot of ground to cover until it falls under 2%.

Fed Rate Hike

Fed’s next Federal Open Market Committee meeting has been scheduled for September 20-21, 2022 

Fed’s next Federal Meeting

It's worth to watch how the market behaves in the coming days and Fed meeting will play an important role.

Market Behaviour