Financial modeling Definition, Types, Importance and Limitations

Financial modeling is a technique used by businesses and individuals to forecast financial performance based on past and present data. Financial modeling is a complex process that involves a thorough analysis of financial statements, market trends, and other economic indicators to create financial projections and assess potential risks. Financial modeling is the process of creating … Read more

What is BO ID? (An Easy Way To Understand)

What is BO ID? The BO ID is called a Beneficiary Owner Identification Number and it is a 16-digit number Demat account number given by the stockbroker or DP.  What is the BO ID in CDSL? BO id in CDSL is the 16 digits Demat account number of the customer who has a Demat account … Read more

MACD Indicator: Moving Average Convergence Divergence


Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is one of the technical analysis tools and Gerald Appel creates this Indicator in the late 1970s. It is used to detect changes in the strength, direction, speed, and duration of a trend in the price of a stock. The MACD “indicator” or “oscillator” is a collection of the three … Read more

What is Support and Resistance in the Share Market?

Support and Resistance

What are SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE? Support and resistance are those levels in the stock market or price points in a chart, at which Buyers or Sellers are most active. Support and Resistance are called S & R in short. The support Price is the price point of the chart, from where the number of Buyers … Read more

Best Swing Trading Strategies

CPI data Core US Inflation Rises to 40 Year High

We will discuss swing trading strategy in this article with an example. But before understanding the swing trading strategies, we should first know what Swing trading means. What is swing trading? Swing trading is generally defined as a strategy by which a trader takes smaller profits in a shorter time frame say 1-7 days or … Read more