Bank of Baroda (BOB) Share Price Target 2022 2023 2025 2030

In this post, we are going to do a technical analysis of the Bank of Baroda (BOB) Share Price Target. Bank of Baroda is Currently trading at 143.55. We will check the upside as well as the downside Price target of Bank of Baroda share.

We are going to do the analysis from a Higher time frame to a lower time frame.

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Monthly Chart Analysis of BOB

Bank of Baroda (BOB) Share Price Target
Bank of Baroda (BOB) Share Price Target

Chart Courtesy: Tradingview


  • 1st Target: 150
  • 2nd Target: 180
  • 3rd Target: 205
  • 4th Target: 230

Bank of Baroda is has given three green candles on the monthly candlestick chart and still going up. There is minor resistance at a level of 150, then after crossing this level we can expect a price up move to 180 and then 205. It can reach up to an all-time high of a level of 230. If it breaks at this level then we can see the stock going into a new trajectory and making a new high.


  • 1st Target: 108
  • 2nd Target: 88
  • 3rd Target: 38
  • 4th Target: 33

If the Bank of Baroda starts its downward trajectory, then we can see lower levels in the stocks. The first target is 108 and the second level is 88 which was low in the month of May 2020 during Covid times.

Weekly Chart Analysis of BOB


  • 1st Target: 145
  • 2nd Target: 158
  • 3rd Target: 180
  • 4th Target: 200

On the weekly chart, BOB is at its resistance level. It might retrace a bit. After crossing this level, the upcoming target will be 158, 180 and then 200.


  • 1st Target: 135
  • 2nd Target: 121
  • 3rd Target: 108
  • 4th Target: 100

Disclaimer: Our share market prediction might be different from yours. Kindly take the trade or invest according to your financial advisor. We are not SEBI registered.

YearBank of Baroda (BOB) share price target
2022 Target 1Rs 145
Target 2Rs 150
2023 Target 1Rs 180
Target 2Rs 200
2025 Target 1Rs 200
Target 2Rs 230
2030 TargetRs 500
Bank of Baroda (BOB) share price target

Tip: Price always follows a higher time frame.

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