Motherson Sumi Wiring Bonus Shares Announces in 2:5 Ratio

Motherson Sumi Wiring India Limited (MSWIL) announces the bonus shares in the ratio of 2:5 which is further subjected to the Shareholder’s approval. A meeting was held between the Board of Directors of Motherson Sumi Wiring on 30th Sep 2022 and they have recommended the issuance of a bonus of equity shares in the ratio of 2:5.

Here, 2:5 means if you have Motherson Sumi Wiring India Limited (MSWIL) equity shares of 5, then you will get an extra 2 shares if got approved by Shareholders. The Record date, Ex-Date will come after the approval of shareholders and we will update you on that.

Motherson Sumi Wiring Company

Motherson Sumi Wiring is a fast-growing company in India in the segment of wiring harnesses. Motherson Sumi Wiring India is a joint venture with Sumitomo Wiring Systems Ltd., which is a global leader in the manufacture of harness components, wiring harnesses, and other electric cables. Its headquarters is in Noida and employs around 40000 people. The market cap of this company is approximately Rs. 27,363 Crores as of 30/09/2022 and comes under the Mid Cap.

Motherson Sumi Wiring Competitiors

Motherson Sumi Wiring Competitors are given below with their PE ratio, PB ratio, and Dividend Yield Comparison as of the date 02 Oct 2022.

Stock NamePE RatioPB RatioDividend Yield
Motherson Sumi Wiring India Ltd66.6324.550.98%
KEI Industries Ltd34.326.040.17%
Finolex Cables Ltd12.051.841.27%
Universal Cables Ltd9.690.560.72%
Motherson Sumi Wiring Competitors

Motherson Sumi Wiring Share Price

Motherson Sumi Wiring Share Price is currently trading at Rs. 87.50 as of 30/09/2022. The share gained around 0.98% on that day.

As per technical chart analysis, Motherson Sumi Wiring has taken support from 50 ema on 26/09/2022 and is in an up trend since then. Its 52-week high is 94.05 and its 52-week low is 56.00.

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What is the Ex-Date of Motherson Sumi Wiring Bonus Shares?

Motherson Sumi Wiring Bonus Shares Ex-date will be published when the Shareholders give the approval of Bonus shares.

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